6 belt kit – 1” x 18” belt

Compatible with:

Work Sharp – Ken Onion BGA
WSKTS-KO-BGA (1” x 18” belt)
WSKTS-KO-ELT (1” x 18” belt)
and similar sharpeners


6 belt kit – 3/4” x 12” belt

Compatible with:

Work Sharp – Ken Onion Edition
WSKTS-KO (3/4” x 12” belt)
E3 (3/4” x 12” belt)
E4 (3/4” x 12” belt)
E5 (3/4” x 12” belt)
and similar sharpeners


6 belt kit – 1/2” x 12” belt

Compatible with:

Work Sharp – Original
WSKTS (1/2” x 12” belt)
and similar sharpeners


Top reasons to select Custom Knife Belt Kits!
Up to 4 Times Longer Lasting time than with other traditional belts
Developed and customized by professional blade smiths
Tested in professional daily use for many years
Complete Belt Kits for all stages of sharpening process
Kits designed to fit multiple grinding machine types
Made in Finland


Belt kit specifications

(The product package contains 6 belt types)

1. P180 grit ceramic

  • Extremely durable belt
  • For all common metals and other materials
  • Can be used for dry or wet grindingUp to 4 times longer lasting than traditional  ceramic belts due to self sharpening pyramids  and low grinding temperature

2. – 6. Belts

2.  P280 ao medium coarse
3.  P400 ao medium
4.  P800 ao fine
5.  P1400 ao super fine
6.  P2000 ao finishing


Self sharpening pyramids grains maintain sharpness untill the end and produce less heat than traditional belt materials.Up to 4 times longer lasting performance over any other belt in the market.

Technical details

Abrasive grades:

1. 784F -P180 grit ceramic
2. A65 -P280 ao medium coarse
3. A45 -P400 ao medium
4. A30 -P800 ao fine
5. A16 -P1400 ao super fine
6. A6 -P2000 ao finishing

Proprietary mineral provides consistent, faster results on medium pressure applications, helping to improve productivity and throughput.

Precision-Shaped Grain blend

provides significantly longer life than comparable aluminum oxide belts. Reduces changeouts and downtime in pressure-assisted applications.

Moderately flexible backing provides conformability for grinding and blending both straight and contoured free form surfaces.


Abrasive material: Ceramic and
aluminum oxide

Deburring, grinding, finishing, polishing

Backing material:
Polyester Fiber

For use on:
All metals, aluminum, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

Suitable for wet and dry applications on all metals


Referencing the following industry standards:

  1.   American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B7.7 “Safety Requirements for Abrading Materials with Coated Abrasive Systems”
  2.   For eye protection, see ANSI Standard Z87.1.** For further information on grinding wheels, consult ANSI Standard B7.1 “Use, Care and
    Protection of Abrasive Wheels.” Available from American National Standards Institute, Inc., (U.S.A.) 212-642-4900
  3.   Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA) “Safety Recommendations for the Use of Coated Abrasives (56-96)”


Manufacturer in Finland: E&M Knives Metalworks

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